mercoledì 23 dicembre 2015

Lady Death Tribute!

I blog come una volta non si portano piu, Credo che tutto venga pubblicato in modo rapido, senza commenti. Solo l'immagine, bam! Stop.

Non c'è tempo per leggere quello che si scrive, non c'è tempo per scrivere. Non la vedo esattamente così, ma credo che dovrei aggiornare questa pagina piu frequentemente, è possibile che gestirò le cose in questo modo d'ora in poi :D Una cosa è certa, vorrei impegnarmi ad aggiornare con piu frequenza questa pagina.

Detto questo, ecco a voi uno dei miei ultimi lavori, frutto di una collaborazione tra me Raffaele Semeraro (chine) ed Ylenia di Napoli (colori), piu un piccolo aiuto per l'idea della bozza da Alessandro Miracolo. 

Spero vi piaccia!

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giovedì 5 marzo 2015



This is a quick walkthorugh of the cover I did for my self published comic named: ‪#‎47Deadmantalking‬ , an horror/commedy story that mixes Italian folklore, zombies and pop culture.
For the cover I tried to merge all this ideas into one single illustration. The comic is published by ‪#‎Artsteady‬ , a collective I founded in 2013.

STEP 1: REFERENCES - I started by searching references. I focused my attention on few key elements. The illustrations that most inspired me (talking of composition) are the covers of Star Wars and Zombie Vs Fanboys. The color is strongly influenced by the cover of Batgirl #24, illustrated by the great Alex Garner. :iconalexgarner:
STEP 2: QUICK CONCEPT - 2 years ago I started this quick sketch just to focus on a couple of ideas, but I used only few ideas from it.
STEP 3: LAYOUTS - Before starting on the pencils I made 9 layouts and studied some more compositions and solution. I left my team of Artsteady to decide which was better. We ended by mixing part of layout B and E

STEP 4: ROUGH PENCILS - I started with a quick lineart with rought pencils, at this point I haven't drawn any of the "Vrenzole" (the girls) in foreground. You can clearly see Pulcinella (the masked guy) eating pizza.

STEP 5: PENCILS - Working little bit on the pencils. Now we can clearly see the "Vrenzole" in front of the illustration. They are the protagonist of the story, so it was important to make them stend out and cover the pizza (too bad :D)

STEP 6: INKS - Usually I don't clean up the pencils, I just step forward and ink the page/cover. That's what I did in this case and the result is quite decent.

STEP 7: FLAT COLORS - I put some flat colors and decided what would be the color pattern for the cover. Red is the color around which I wanted to play.

STEP 8: COLORS - This is the final version of the colors, I worked on the shades and defined the characters in the foreground. I've also colored the ink to make the "Vrenzole" to stand out even more.

STEP 9: LETTERING: Now the illustration is done, let's put some lettering, title, credits, price and our logo on the cover! I wanted to make the right choose for the logo colors and thought that yellow would be just fine in this case.

FINISHED: The cover is ready to be printed.
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